First Social a Success!

Emily Taylor, ANA’s VP, addressing the crowd

Thanks to all of those who came out for our first ever Avondale Neighborhood Social!  We had over 40 people attend and pretty much took over Di Vita’s Restaurant Monday night.  Luckily owners Angelo and Sherrie were wonderful hosts and kept the tables full of delicious pizza and appetizers. Don’t forget to take advantage of their discount offer for Avondale Neighborhood Association members anytime!

Jennifer Kelly, ANA’s Secretary, and Scott Curcio of the Avondale Business Alliance

Sonia Sanchez & Jose Rodriquez of Aspira and Carlos Hernandez of the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance

This event was really a great chance to connect with people in the community- beyond our monthly meetings, we look forward to seeing you at the next one… where should it be?

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