Garrett Hypnosis & Wellness Center

Did you know that we have a hypnosis & wellness center in Avondale?

3020 N. Kimball Ave.

Larry Garrett has been practicing hypnosis for over 50 years and has been treating patients for many of those years right here in Avondale, on Kimball just south of Belmont.  The facility uses hypnosis and meditation to help people fight addictions, release tension and control focus, among many other issues people have.  Treatments include personal sessions, but workshops & events are also held at the facility.

A warm welcome at the reception desk




In addition to being a hypnotist, Larry is also a active member of the West Logan Avondale Block Club and is in charge of putting out their monthly newsletter- you can find it in may of the local businesses along Milwaukee Ave.

One of the treatment rooms




Thank you to Larry for letting us tour his office, we are lucky to have such a unique business in our neighborhood!

Looking for more information?  Click here for the GHWC website.

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