A Busy Week in Review

With so much going on this week, I’ve combined a few events into one post- we are starting June out right!

Last Sunday was our June Avondale Social at The Dragon Lady Lounge.  We had about 25 people show up, for all areas of the neighborhood and enjoyed the food & company.  I had the Bi Bim Bop, which was full of veggies & excellent.  The most common thing I heard that night was how people has passed by the restaurant many times and had no idea how nice it was inside or how good the food was.  If you haven’t been there, don’t miss out!


Inside The Dragon Lady Lounge


Liz & Jennifer chatting up neighbors

On Saturday the 9th, was the 9th Annual Bike the 30th Ward with Alderman Reboyras.  Reboyras is a strong supporter of biking- even telling people to get on their bikes as we rode past their houses.  The ride took us west to Austin, through several bungalow neighborhoods and Riis Park– which is a full 56 acres.  The best part was that the police blocked off the streets for us as we rode, so we had the whole lane to ourselves!


Alderman Reboyras & Emily at Riis Park


Biking along Addison

The last even I wanted to post on was the Fireman’s Park clean up.  Every year, the Sunday before father’s day, local firemen go to Fireman’s Park (at the corner of Kimball & Diversey) and clean up the area to honor the 3 firemen who died in a local fire in 1985.

I went out to meet them and it was quite a site- at least 6 fire trucks were out an a good 20+ firemen were trimming bushes, painting the fence and doing a very thorough job cleaning up the park.  I spoke with Mark Nielsen, the Assistant Department Fire Chief for the NW side and he gave me a list of the trucks that were there.  If you see any of these stations or trucks, please thank them for their dedication to the memorial.

Battery 7, Engine 91, Squad2 from Diversey & Pulaski
Engine 76, Truck 35 from 1700 N. Pulaski
Engine 7, Truck 35 from 4900 W. Belmont
Engine 106, Truck 13 from Roscoe & Elston

More were pulling up as I was leaving, so I apologize if I missed anyone.  Please stop by the park and see how great it looks!


Local firemen hard at work!


Trucks at Kimball & Diversey

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