Vintage Bodega

A new vintage shop has opened up in Avondale- Vintage Bodega.  It was opened this past weekend by Jaime Maldis, a man very familiar with this neighborhood- having grown up with his grandmother living just a few houses away from this new location (2908 N. Wisner Ave).  For those of you in the neighborhood more than a few years, this is also the former location of Smart Bike Parts.


The store has a great higher-end vintage vibe with clothes and accessories that feel very fresh and modern.  For a limited time only, Jaime is also selling designer samples (for 80% off!) from a few NY designers he knows.  Once that stock is gone, he plans to add more furniture to the store as well as offer sodas & coffee.

Be sure to stop by, say hello and check out some unique finds.  This is such a unique shop to have in our area, I can’t wait to see how it develops!













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