Urban Belly

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Review by Caroline

We have such an awesome and unique eating scene here in Avondale! One restaurant at the top of my list is Bill Kim’s UrbanBelly. Bill Kim, the mastermind of UrbanBelly, Belly Shack, and Belly Q, is a highly decorated chef not only here in Chicago, but around this great country. Belly Shack and UrbanBelly were recently again awarded the Bib Gourmand award, a Michelin Guide distinction, given to restaurants deemed to provide incredible food at a great price. Additionally in 2009, UrbanBelly was named as one of the “50 best new US restaurants” in 2009 by Travel and Leisure. When you walk in to UrbanBelly you will see why this restaurant is such a big deal. Long wooden Elmwood tables line both sides of the restaurant and invite you into this communal style of dining. You order at the back of the restaurant and then find your seat among these hearty and inviting tables.You can find some of the best noodle, rice, and dumplings ever created! Some dishes include: lamb and brandy dumplings; Asian squash and bacon dumplings; pork belly and pineapple rice; udon noodles with shrimp, coriander and sweet chili lime broth; and rice cake noodles with chicken, mango and Korean chili sauce. And don’t forget to share some of their awesome sides: Chinese eggplant with Thai basil and seasonal Kimchi. They also have daily specials and are BYOB. Please don’t miss out on this Avondale treasure!


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