Belmont Snack Shop

Classic Breakfast

While Avondale is abound in authentic, ethnic restaurants- sometimes you just want that good old Chicago experience.  That is when I turn to the Belmont Snack copy

Avondale’s only 24hr restaurant has been at 3407 W. Belmont for over 50 years (at least I think, since our server Linda had been going there since ’67), before the Belmont Blue Line was in and the clock tower, now Best Buy at was still standing.  The food still stands the test of time; classic eggs & hash browns for anytime, burgers, chilli and glass pedestals of homemade peach pie or carrot cake (and more!) lined up on the counter are all made fresh and right in front of you as you sit on one of the dozen or so Hopper-esque stools.  Whether you are there for a good cup of bottomless coffee or a full meal, the price & quality are hard to beat.   Linda at Belmont Snack Shop

The food is still served with care as well- be sure to say hi to Linda (in the photo) or Paul who are often your tireless servers and can tell you a thing or two about “the good ol’ days” of the neighborhood and cut you a tasty slice of pie.


1 thought on “Belmont Snack Shop

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