Our Stylish BK

Some of you may have already come by for a coffee, some of you may never think to set foot in here, but no one can deny that our Avondale Burger King on Belmont & Elston is unique.  This location was the first to offer delivery in Chicago as well as turkey burgers and was very helpful in participating in 2013’s A Day in Avondale.  Recently, the space was renovated to have more of a coffee house vibe- what does that mean?  I sat down with Ray, who has owned this BK for 30 years-the only one he owns, to talk about some of the remodeling details and modern changes he has made.photo 1




Tell us about your remodeling. Our remodel was done by Princeton Builders, a fantastic Illinois firm with 100% Union Labor. They did a marvelous job for us. The furniture package is from Charter House made in the USA – Michigan.  Our goal was to have a Burger King Restaurant that had the feel of a warm & inviting coffeehouse. We lowered the seating capacity from 101 seats to 78. This allowed a more spacious feel and allowed us to have counter seating, communal seating & lounge seats.
Any sustainability benefits?  We replaced the old greenhouse with a new exterior look & energy efficient windows.  An energy efficient HVAC smart system keeps the temperature comfortable & uses less energy, as well as fluorescent lights were replaced with energy saving LED’s & pendant lights.  We also made ergonomic kitchen spaces that reduce repudiative movements. Speeds up service & makes it easier on the kitchen crew.
 Did you buck any other trends? Gone are the window signs!  (he’s right, there is a ton of light and no-advertizement vibe)
How about technology? We offer customers free wi-fi and Coca Cola Freestyle machines – over 100 flavors of drinks – including flavored waters & sparkling waters.  We also installed GPS monitoring devices for our delivery drivers. Improves service times & is a safety mechanism for our drivers.
 Anything still to come? Yes, exterior beautiful canopies, lighting & signage.  In the Spring – Landscaping with native flowers, shrubs & grasses.

Want to see for yourself?  Pictures below!
photo-4photo 2photo 3




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