A New Mural for Avondale Park

Screen shot 2012-01-14 at 3.45.21 PM

For those of you who don’t know where Avondale Park is, there’s a good reason why.  Located at 3516 W. School St., Avondale Park was a sprawling 5 acres until the arrival of the Kennedy Expressway in 1959 reduced it to one square acre. Since then, the park has been tucked away, in between the freeway barriers and one-way streets, but it’s still an active and thriving community center. The field house has a top-notch gymnastics center, meeting rooms, sports classes for all ages, and even an outdoor children’s pool. More information can be found here.

Together with the Avondale Park Advisory Council, ANA is organizing a mural project to draw attention to this hidden gem, but we need your help!  We are working with the very talented George Berlin, who has created a bold and uplifting design for School Street that highlights all the activities that Avondale Park has to offer.  We need to raise $1000 to start the project, to cover paint and supplies.

Can you donate $5, 10, 20, even $50, to make this mural a reality?
Click here to donate:
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Questions? Email us! avondale.unite@gmail.comBefore After

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