Avondale Bike Ride

The Avondale Bike Ride will be a 5.56 mile bicycle ride through the quaint streets of the Avondale neighborhood.  We encourage all ages and skill levels.  We will meet on Sunday, August 3rd at the parking lot of Kozy’s Cyclery, 3225 N Milwaukee Ave.  A Kozy’s bike mechanic will be on hand starting at 11am to give pointers on bike maintenance and selection.  Additionally, all ride participants will get 10% any purchase that is not already on sale.

The ride begins at 1:00pm and includes five short stops to help riders gain a better understanding of the history of the area.  The ride concludes with a stop at Delicias, a local ice cream shop, that is the perfect way to cap off a Sunday afternoon adventure.

Why should you join us for this bike ride?  This is a great way to build community through meeting neighbors and learning about our shared community history.  It encourages you to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.  It promotes green forms of transportation.  We also want to create awareness of our local businesses. And of course, to have a good time.

Avondale Bike Ride


You can also find information for this event on the event page of the Avondale Neighborhood Association Facebook Page.

The designated route for this ride:

Avondale Bike Ride Map




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