We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the common interest of the community members with regard to community development, preservation of diversity, enhancement of quality of life, safety and property values.  Some of the activities we have coordinated with the community are; neighborhood clean ups, neighborhood socials, creating community murals, attending zoning meetings, taking irresponsible liquor stores to the city, planning positive loitering events & running a local art walk (A Day in Avondale).

Meetings are held every month on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm at the St Hyacinth Resurrection Hall, the classrooms on the first floor next to the Basilica. 3640 W. Wolfram Street.  The parking lot is accessible from George street. Click here to view a map.

You can also visit us on our facebook page to learn more about what is happening in Avondale.  Click here to visit the Avondale Neighborhood Association Facebook page.
Our current board members are:
Emily Taylor: President
Liz Muscare: VP
Kevin Kelly: Treasurer
Jennifer Kelly: Secretary

We can be contacted at avondale.unite@gmail.com or 773.800.1ANA (773.800.1262)


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