2014 ANA Holiday Party

Join us on Friday, December 5 for the 3rd Annual Avondale Neighborhood Association Holiday Party hosted by Late Bar (3534 W. Belmont). Please note that the time for this event has changed to 8-11pm. Entrance is free with donation.  We are collecting stocking hats, scarves, and winter gloves for Resurrection City Church who is organizing a winter clothing drive for Avondale students grades K-8.


Avondale Bike Ride

The Avondale Bike Ride will be a 5.56 mile bicycle ride through the quaint streets of the Avondale neighborhood.  We encourage all ages and skill levels.  We will meet on Sunday, August 3rd at the parking lot of Kozy’s Cyclery, 3225 N Milwaukee Ave.  A Kozy’s bike mechanic will be on hand starting at 11am to give pointers on bike maintenance and selection.  Additionally, all ride participants will get 10% any purchase that is not already on sale.

The ride begins at 1:00pm and includes five short stops to help riders gain a better understanding of the history of the area.  The ride concludes with a stop at Delicias, a local ice cream shop, that is the perfect way to cap off a Sunday afternoon adventure.

Why should you join us for this bike ride?  This is a great way to build community through meeting neighbors and learning about our shared community history.  It encourages you to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.  It promotes green forms of transportation.  We also want to create awareness of our local businesses. And of course, to have a good time.

Avondale Bike Ride


You can also find information for this event on the event page of the Avondale Neighborhood Association Facebook Page.

The designated route for this ride:

Avondale Bike Ride Map




Avondale’s Food and Health Fest


Join us on Saturday, May 17 at Carl von Linne Elementary School for a Food and Health Fest celebrating Avondale. This event is free and is designed for the whole family. In addition to the free health resources provided by Presence Health St. Joseph’s, you will be able to sample foods from the various cultures represented in Avondale. We invite you to prepare a dish of your heritage to share with the community. For more information or to RSVP a prepared dish, please email us at avondale.unite@gmail.com.

A New Mural for Avondale Park

Screen shot 2012-01-14 at 3.45.21 PM

For those of you who don’t know where Avondale Park is, there’s a good reason why.  Located at 3516 W. School St., Avondale Park was a sprawling 5 acres until the arrival of the Kennedy Expressway in 1959 reduced it to one square acre. Since then, the park has been tucked away, in between the freeway barriers and one-way streets, but it’s still an active and thriving community center. The field house has a top-notch gymnastics center, meeting rooms, sports classes for all ages, and even an outdoor children’s pool. More information can be found here.

Together with the Avondale Park Advisory Council, ANA is organizing a mural project to draw attention to this hidden gem, but we need your help!  We are working with the very talented George Berlin, who has created a bold and uplifting design for School Street that highlights all the activities that Avondale Park has to offer.  We need to raise $1000 to start the project, to cover paint and supplies.

Can you donate $5, 10, 20, even $50, to make this mural a reality?
Click here to donate:
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Questions? Email us! avondale.unite@gmail.comBefore After

Election and the 40th District

The upcoming primary election will take place on Tuesday, March 18.   If you are unsure of your polling location, you can visit the City of Chicago Board of Election website and enter your address.  Click here to visit the election website.  Early voting will be available from Monday, March 3 through Saturday, March 15.  Any registered voter can vote at any of the available early voting sites and does not need a reason or excuse to vote early.  Click here to see the list of early voting sites.

Did you know that during the last primary election only 8% of our area voted? This is an opportunity for us to have a say in our neighborhood, and your vote really does matter.

Several candidates are running for State Representative of the 40th district.  To facilitate information, we invited each of the candidates to respond to the following questions:

1. What are the top 3 things would like to accomplish in office?

2. What are issues specific to Avondale that you would like to address?

3. What would you like the community of Avondale to know about you?

4. What personal experience with community projects do you have?

5. What city of Chicago initiative in the past 3 years has inspired you?

You can click on each of the candidates below to review their responses.  The words and opinions expressed are those of the candidates and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Avondale Neighborhood Association.

Aaron Goldstein

Jaime Andrade

Mark Pasieka

Nancy Schiavone

Wendy Jo Harmston


Our Stylish BK

Some of you may have already come by for a coffee, some of you may never think to set foot in here, but no one can deny that our Avondale Burger King on Belmont & Elston is unique.  This location was the first to offer delivery in Chicago as well as turkey burgers and was very helpful in participating in 2013’s A Day in Avondale.  Recently, the space was renovated to have more of a coffee house vibe- what does that mean?  I sat down with Ray, who has owned this BK for 30 years-the only one he owns, to talk about some of the remodeling details and modern changes he has made.photo 1




Tell us about your remodeling. Our remodel was done by Princeton Builders, a fantastic Illinois firm with 100% Union Labor. They did a marvelous job for us. The furniture package is from Charter House made in the USA – Michigan.  Our goal was to have a Burger King Restaurant that had the feel of a warm & inviting coffeehouse. We lowered the seating capacity from 101 seats to 78. This allowed a more spacious feel and allowed us to have counter seating, communal seating & lounge seats.
Any sustainability benefits?  We replaced the old greenhouse with a new exterior look & energy efficient windows.  An energy efficient HVAC smart system keeps the temperature comfortable & uses less energy, as well as fluorescent lights were replaced with energy saving LED’s & pendant lights.  We also made ergonomic kitchen spaces that reduce repudiative movements. Speeds up service & makes it easier on the kitchen crew.
 Did you buck any other trends? Gone are the window signs!  (he’s right, there is a ton of light and no-advertizement vibe)
How about technology? We offer customers free wi-fi and Coca Cola Freestyle machines – over 100 flavors of drinks – including flavored waters & sparkling waters.  We also installed GPS monitoring devices for our delivery drivers. Improves service times & is a safety mechanism for our drivers.
 Anything still to come? Yes, exterior beautiful canopies, lighting & signage.  In the Spring – Landscaping with native flowers, shrubs & grasses.

Want to see for yourself?  Pictures below!
photo-4photo 2photo 3